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Cello Rentals

I have a stock of cellos available for rental at just £50 per quarter, ranging from tiny 1/10th sized up to full size instruments suitable for adults and older children.


Cellos come in different sizes for children and are exchanged for larger ones as your child grows. Renting a cello means you won't have to buy and resell several expensive instruments as they grow. Renting an instrument initially means you can see how you like playing before buying an instrument outright.

My Cellos are Stentor Student II instruments or similar. These are good quality student instruments that are suitable for beginners upwards. They can also be upgraded as you progress by putting better quality strings on (at your expense) thereby making them suitable for the higher grade exams as well. Each cello is correctly set up meaning that your child (or you) will have the best chance of making progress. 

Cellos from 1/10 up to full-size can be rented (subject to availability.) Please contact me if you would like to know if we have a certain size available. You will need to prebook a cello and it may take a little time to have one checked over and made ready for you. Usually this will be a week or less but at busy times can be a little longer. 

You need to be over 18 and will need to provide various documents to rent an instrument. We do not offer a shorter rental period than 3 months, although you can bring a rented instrument back at any time, even the next day. The cost will still be £50 and the same documentation will need to be provided.


different size cellos in a row

cellos come in various sizes meaning that children can start playing at quite a young age 

A student quality full size cello. Sussex UK

An example of one of our rental cellos 

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