To arrange an appointment to bring your instrument in, or to ask a question

If you have an instrument that you think might need some work, or if you would like to book a service or similar, please contact me to arrange an appointment.

I work by appointment only. 

You can use the contact button above, text or email.

Leave your instrument with me for a free assessment. I will check the condition of it and email you with your various options along with estimated costs and my recommendations. This might take a couple of days as I need to fit it in around repairs.


There is no charge for this assessment and you are under no obligation to have any work carried out.


Please note I cannot give any estimates without seeing and assessing the instrument in person..

How it works -

female musical instrument repairer holding a saxophone and smiling. Kate Reynolds Brighton UK

What I do -

I am a musical instrument repairer and specialise in woodwind.

I have been repairing professionally in the Brighton area for more than 35 years and previously owned and ran a couple of local music shops. I now focus entirely on repairing. I also have a stock of cellos in various sizes that I rent out. 

I am happy to carry out most jobs, big or small, on most wind instruments (saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon etc.) I am also trained in brass instrument repairs (trumpet, french horn, trombone etc) and am happy to help with certain jobs and repairs on these instruments too. 

Wind instruments in particular have a lot of moving parts and are quite complex mechanically. They will become less airtight and more difficult to play with use and benefit greatly from regular servicing or maintenance. A well maintained instrument will play with less effort, sound better and last a lot longer.

I am friendly and approachable and realise that for many of my customers coming to an instrument repairer for possibly the first time is unfamiliar and perhaps a little daunting. I will explain your options with regard to a repair and give you an estimate to approve before going ahead with any work. You will not be surprised by a big unexpected bill. 

To arrange to bring your instrument in or ask a question, please use the contact button above.