Stock Clearance

Page updated 10/02/2017

These pdfs contain the full list of remaining accessories and music from the shop. To keep them less overwhelming there is a separate file for music and accessories for each instrument groups.

Please take the time to look through and see if you can find yourself a bargain.

























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There are a lot of standard teaching music books and repertoire and genuinely useful, everyday accessories here and all at 50% off!! There are some very nice violin and cello bows, some at savings of over £100. Is it time to upgrade?!

These lists will not be totally up to date but I will let you know as soon as I can if something is no longer available

I cannot reserve or let any items out on approval. I can take payment over the phone and  am happy to  post most items. If you want to buy a more expensive item, something too heavy to sensibly post or a significant amount of smaller items, I may be able to arrange a time for you to collect in person from Hove. Likewise if you wish to buy one of the better quality bows and wish to try them first on your instrument,







General gifts &


Piano & keyboard


Theory, aural. manuscript

books & textbooks

Clarinet & saxophone



String accessories

String music

Brass accessories

Brass music

Clarinet & saxophone


Guitar accessories

Flute, oboe, bassoon, recorder

& tin whistle accessories

Flute, oboe, bassoon, recorder

& tin whistle music

Vocal, guitar & drum music

Ensemble music

Misc music by key &

Jazz & improvisation